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VitaFerm® HEAT

Manufacturer: BioZyme Inc

A complete mineral and vitamin supplement for cattle. Formulated specifically for summer heat and fescue forage situations.

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Formulated specifically to minimize summer HEAT stress! 
Contains Amaferm® and extracts of clove, cinnamon, and pepper which are research proven to improve animal performance and feed utilization during heat stress.

Provides the correct balance of required minerals and vitamins to compliment summer forages during lactation and maintain overall herd health. Contains organic zinc and copper to support immune function, maintain pregnancy, and hoof quality. Contains garlic, a source of natural insect repellent.

Excellent product to combat Fescue issues with the Amaferm® advantage.
Amaferm® functions as a prebiotic to help quickly rebuild microbial populations damaged by fescue toxicity. Helps keep cows eating consistently and minimize heat stress. Contains a unique combination of added extracts to help maintain circulation to support animal performance in both heat and fescue situations.

What value does it have in the animal? 
Cows maintain intake and efficient digestion to maintain genetic performance during periods of stress.