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VitaFerm® Mineral Lyk Tub for Cattle

Manufacturer: BioZyme Inc

The VitaFerm Mineral Lyk contains high levels of very digestible sources of trace minerals and vitamins needed to support animal health and reproductive performance when fed as part of a year around nutrition program. It contains organic sources of copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt to ensure success and nutrient absorption; even in the presence of antagonists such as iron, sulfur, and molybdenum that reduce the effectiveness of other sources. Requires no specialized feeding equipment to protect your mineral investment from wind and rain!

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The VitaFerm Mineral Lyk also contains the correct level of Amaferm for not only a 400 lb. stocker but also a 1,200 lb. cow based on the variable feeding rate. Amaferm ensures that your animals are digesting every mouthful of feed to extract the maximum amount of energy from your forages. That means more energy and more protein to support animal performance and improve your bottom line.