• Honor® Show Chow® Fitter’s Edge®

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Honor® Show Chow® Fitter’s Edge® feed is a coarse-textured sweet feed. This is a complete, balanced diet formulated for optimum growth and development of show cattle.

  •  Honor® Show Chow® Full Control™

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Honor® Show Chow® Full Control™ is a high fiber, low energy textured feed great for maintaining show cattle in optimum show condition. The high fiber and fat level provides “fill” and “show bloom” exhibitors desire in a “holding” ration.

  • Purina® High Octane® Depth Charge™ Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Depth Charge is a highly palatable, advanced nutritional supplement for all classes of animals being fed for show. Formulated to help promote a full physical appearance for the show ring and help keep animals fuller when feeding is limited. 25 lbs.

  • Purina Wind and Rain All Season 4 Mineral Tub with Availa 4

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina® Wind and Rain® All Season 4 Mineral Tub Availa® 4 contains the proper balance and ratios of all 14 essential cattle minerals. Availa 4 is a specific package of organic trace mineral sources that aids in improving both cow and calve health. It also aids in improving fertility and promoting fetal development for cows. As a research tested and field proven product, it is formulated with high quality, coarse textured ingredients that helps assure proper palatability.

  • Purina® Preconditioning/Receiving Chow®

    SKU: precondition-receiving-ch Manufacturer: Purina

    Complete pelleted ration for preconditioning calves on farm or receiving calves at feedlot weighing 400 to 650 lb. Preconditioning/Receiving Chow® provides all nutrients required in rations for starting calves that supports high feed intake and rapid gains. No added roughage required. Encourages calves just weaned and/or stressed during transportation to feedlot to begin to eat dry feed and recover from the stresses of weaning and shipping.

  • Purina® Rangeland® Mineral Feed

    SKU: purina_rangeland Manufacturer: Purina

    Rangeland Mineral can be fed to all cattle on medium quality range or grass pastures. When just one mineral is desired, this is the one to use.

  • Purina® Accuration® Tub

    SKU: purina_suprblock Manufacturer: Purina

    Accuration® Tub (originally called Sup-R-Block) is the original weatherproof supplement block for cows. A premium, weather-resistant, protein block with Intake Modifying Technology®, formulated with a higher level of fat that is designed to provide additional energy to balance nutrient deficiencies in poor quality forages or for cattle lacking energy in their diet.  Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina® Wind and Rain® STORM™ Fly Control Minerals

    SKU: windrain_flycontrol Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina’s Wind and Rain® Fly Control with Altosid® (IGR)  is a line of beef cattle minerals helps prevent the breeding of horn flies in the manure of treated cattle; designed to address the mineral deficiencies of the available forage in a palatable, weather-resistant, granular formula. Wind and Rain® Storm® cattle minerals’ large particle size and special formulation keeps the mineral from absorbing water and blowing out of the feeder. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina® Wind and Rain® STORM™ Fescue Minerals

    SKU: windrain_fescue Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina’s Wind and Rain® Fescue Minerals are designed to address special mineral deficiencies associated with fescue forages.

  • Purina® Wind and Rain® STORM™ Hi-Mag Mineral

    SKU: windrain_highmag Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina’s Wind and Rain® STORM™ Hi-Mag Minerals are designed to provide readily available formulations that cattle will eat while grazing lush pastures.

  • Purina® Wind and Rain® STORM™ All Season Minerals

    SKU: windrain_allseason Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina’s Wind and Rain® All Season STORM™ Minerals have been specifically designed to include multiple nutritional formulations to meet cattle need regardless of forage quality.