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VitaFerm® Cattle Supplement

Manufacturer: BioZyme Inc

A natural (20%) protein supplement, fully fortified with a complete vitamin mineral package. Ingredients are compressed into a 200 lb. biodegradable keg for free choice consumption. Formulated for all cattle where additional protein and energy supplementation are required.

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Key Benefits:
The correct balance of required minerals and vitamins. Provides a balanced level of all required vitamins and minerals including organic copper further supplemented with a natural source of protein and energy to maximize general herd health and condition. Ample magnesium to protect against grass tetany.

The Amaferm® advantage:
Stimulates improved rumen function and fiber digestion to maximize digestion of available forages, reducing the need for supplemental feeding. What value does it have in the animal? It offers a complete, all in one, convenient to handle free choice supplementation program for use with poor or limited quality forages.