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Wind & Rain® All Season 4 Mineral Tub Availa 4

SKU: 0062709 Manufacturer: Purina Model: 32JP
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Beef cattle minerals in a cooked molasses tub that is designed to correct the mineral deficiencies of the available forage in a highly palatable, weatherresistant form. This line of minerals is designed for cow/calf and seedstock operators that need a free-choice mineral supplement to assure that their cattle are getting the proper levels and ratios of all of the 14 essential minerals cattle need for health, growth and reproduction.

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Wind and Rain® Mineral Tubs provides these benefits in cooked molasses formulas and packaged in a nonreturnable plastic tub. This gives the producer a mineral that is the ultimate in weather resistance, palatability and consistent consumption, all in its own mineral feeder.

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