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Capsule™ 1000 lb. Feeder w/ Large Tray Kit

Has all of the features of the standard 1,000 lb unit. The large tray kit can be purchased separately for customers that already have 1,000 lb Capsule™ Feeders. Designed to use with both the 500 lb and 1,000 lb feeders.

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Four trays are securely fastened to the cone using eight large phillips bolts. The bolts screw into heavy duty brass lugs that are molded into every capsule feeder. A skirt is attached to deflect the feed into the tray. When the spinner plate is removed, feed flows gently into the trays.The large tray kit is molded of thick high-density polyethylene plastic. Perforated for drainage, the trays will not rust or corrode. When installed on the 1,000 lb feeder, the tray is about 33 inches off the ground. When used with the 500 lb feeder, the trays are about 20 inches off the ground. The large tray kit holds approximately 40 lbs of feed.